One thing that people don’t look forward to is a root canal. That said, it’s a saving grace for when your teeth have gone beyond repair because of decay or infection. Don’t try to waylay a root canal because this can only lead to more pain and possible complications.

Make sure you know when it’s time to visit an emergency dentist before things take a grim turn. Here are five symptoms that mean it’s root canal time:

Inflamed Face or Gum

Swelling is one of the most obvious signs that an area of your body is experiencing trauma or infection. If your face is swollen and tender for no particular reason, it may be solved with over-the-counter meds or go away after a day. Usually, the gumline will be at the point of inflammation.

Swollen gums can also appear either with or without the rest of the face getting inflamed along with it.

Painful Teeth and Gums

In general, your teeth and gums should not be in pain. If you feel any painful sensation either while at rest or when your mouth is moving, this means something is wrong with your teeth. Discomfort can be a sign of many issues, but if your pain increases every time you bite or even apply any pressure to your teeth, it may be time to check for infection.

Dental Hypersensitivity

Although your teeth will naturally respond to any sudden changes in temperature, the reaction should not be so severe and easily induced. For instance, having an ice-cold drink or a particularly hot soup may generate a sensitive sensation in your mouth. However, if any change in temperature results in a more heightened sensitivity from your teeth, this could be a sign of deep decay and other issues.

Discolored Teeth

This symptom may be harder to pinpoint because discoloration naturally happens over time. It’s also heavily dependent on your lifestyle. That said, you’ll want to check the actual color of your teeth with care for this.

If a particular tooth seems distinctly darker than others, this is a sign of more advanced tooth decay. Additionally, some teeth will only darken in certain spots. This is a more localized appearance of decay, so it’s best to keep a watch out for this along with other symptoms.


This symptom is much clearer than some of the others listed here. It’s also more severe and would require you to get attention from a dentist much quicker. In this case, you would need to reach out to an emergency dentist to prevent complications.

An abscess causes pus to form in excess due to bacterial infection. This is painful and can cause difficulties in swallowing and even breathing. A more severe instance will also be coupled with other symptoms like inflammation, nausea, and fever. You’re also likely to have a foreign taste in your mouth.


If you have any or all of these symptoms, reach out to a capable orthodontist. In Franklin, TN, there are numerous locations you can visit to get treatment. Even if the final assessment reveals that you don’t need a root canal, these symptoms are indicative of dental problems that will definitely have to be addressed.

If you feel like you need a root canal or any other dental procedure, make sure you visit the most capable dentist in Franklin, TN. At Mid TN Dental, you get the best path forward for your oral health goals. Find the branch nearest to receive the best dental treatment.