The idea of losing a tooth isn’t as desirable as it was in the past. Back then, people even looked forward to visits from the tooth fairy after they lost a tooth. But now that we have a permanent set of teeth, we cannot expect a new tooth to sprout after one has been pulled out, so most of us are a bit apprehensive about the concept of losing even a single tooth.

Perhaps this is the reason why many people avoid visiting dentists for tooth extractions. And even though they need it badly, most individuals delay setting up appointments as long as they can. Moreover, it doesn’t help that tooth extractions have a reputation as painful procedures, making people perpetually avoid them as much as possible.

Now, the problem is that tooth extractions are actually necessary for addressing various dental issues. For instance, one must have an impacted tooth removed, as it often leads to decay and resorption of healthy teeth.

But aside from that, there are other pressing dental conditions that might need you to have a tooth pulled out. And if you’re curious which problems require an urgent tooth extraction, below is a list of common dental issues you simply must not overlook.

1. Tooth Decay

It’s uncommon, but some people leave dental cavities unchecked and untreated. This results in decay and infection that can spread to your gums and other teeth. And in worse cases, it can even get into your bloodstream, paving the way for other medical problems.

In general, it is possible to opt for a root canal to preserve the affected tooth. However, when the damage is extensive enough to compromise even the tooth’s pulp, there’s no other means to stop the spread of decay and infection but to undergo a simple extraction.

2. Oral Injury

Yes, your tooth can suffer an injury resulting from unfortunate eventualities such as athletic incidents or vehicle collisions. Of course, the priority is to restore or maintain teeth. But when damage is quite extreme, dentists might have to perform a surgical extraction.

Moreover, it can be pretty difficult to assess the severity of the injury. Thus, it’s vital that people who have experienced oral trauma visit dental clinics for a thorough examination. After all, some injuries aren’t that noticeable.

3. Third Molars

In a lifetime, your mouth undergoes various changes. Aside from the eventful switch between milk teeth to permanent ones, another memorable oral milestone is the appearance of your back molars, which are more popularly known as wisdom teeth.

However, the problem is that the human jaw does not have enough space to accommodate any extra teeth. And as a result, back molars either become impacted or misaligned. This might not sound like a cause for concern. But the truth is, this condition usually leads to pain, decay, and infection. For this reason, dentists recommend that individuals must have their wisdom teeth removed via a surgical extraction.


Other than the ones listed above, there are other reasons why some people might require tooth extraction. Sometimes, this procedure can be a part of a different dental treatment as well. With that said, there’s no actual need to fear tooth extractions. After all, they exist to improve overall oral health.

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