You’ve probably come across chipped tooth smiles over the years when going through your yearbook or happening on an unfortunate mugshot in a Google search. And while you can detect the smiler’s joy through the crow’s feet on their eyes and the width of their smile, the fact remains their smile is incomplete due to the lack of pearly whites.

This is where veneers come in handy. Veneers are thin shells that cover the front of a chipped or small tooth. Cosmetic dentists use them to great effect in helping patients achieve a perfectly balanced pearly-white smile.

Curious? Read on as we tackle six dental veneer tidbits you must know.

1 – They’re Completely Safe

Dental veneers are made from porcelain or resin composite materials that are then shaped and colored to copy the appearance of regular teeth. Porcelain is used for plates and resin composite for slab tabletops you find in modern-looking houses.

2 – Their Process Has Modernized Significantly

The early years of this dental technology started in the late 1920s. Back then, dentists had to shave the tooth in question’s surface as much as possible for the thick veneers to stick. The procedure even required an anesthetic!

Nowadays, veneer technology has improved. These dental shells can be as thin as contact lenses and require even less tooth prep (or none at all)! In some cases, anesthesia is no longer needed!

3 – The Results Are Instant

Veneers cover a chipped tooth or chipped set of teeth through an adhesive to make them look balanced and improve your smile. They’re a much faster treatment than whitening or orthodontia, which require more than two visits to your local dentist.

Getting veneers requires only two visits! During the first, your dentist will get imprints of your teeth before creating the shells. The second trip to the dentist is where the veneers are glued in place!

The instantaneous transformation through veneers is one of the few reasons it has become an in-demand dental cosmetic procedure.

4 – They Look, Feel, and Function Like Regular Teeth

Veneers aren’t like dentures, implants, or bridges made from thick materials. On the contrary, they mimic the look, feel, and function of regular teeth. They’re hard enough for biting and allow for routine oral care such as brushing and flossing!

5 – They Add Volume to Your Face

As we age, our skin sage, our muscles weaken, and our teeth lose volume. These are all part of the regular wear and tear the human body goes through.

When our teeth lose volume, our lips and mouth look tighter. These affect our smiles by giving the mouth a sunken appearance. Dental veneers reduce this cosmetic concern by restoring volume to your teeth.

Despite these shells being thinner than a fingernail, you can request your dentist to increase thickness so that your teeth support your mouth and you retain a youthful smile!

6 – They Are Customizable According to Your Preferences

People’s teeth are as unique as their fingerprints. Some have rounded teeth, squarish teeth, more pronounced canines, or more prominent incisors. Veneers give patients the freedom to alter their smile to virtually any kind they like. Want to make your teeth match your face shape for uniformity or mix them up for a bit of contrast? They’re completely doable with dental veneers!

The Takeaway

Please take note we’re forcing you to wear veneers. If you’re happy with the way your teeth look, then more power to you. Just be sure to visit your dentist for regular cleanings to keep your mouth clean and smile bright as ever!

But if you want to explore the possibility of dental veneers, do book an appointment with us today! We’re a qualified provider of veneers in Smyrna, TN, that can help you find the right shape for that perfect, balanced smile!