Invisalign: The Anatomy of a Perfect Smile and Oral Hygiene

Most of us have a typical childhood memory. That is a routine visit to the dentist and have our braces placed. Did you ever wonder if the benefits of having braces were purely aesthetic?

Any dentist will tell you that having straight, even teeth is just a bonus. Having teeth aligners is essential in preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Sadly, some of us underwent horrible bullying because of our braces.

As a parent, you surely do not want your child to undergo cruel teasing. But at the same time, you do not want him to miss out on having the perfect smile. The great thing is that he can still have his ideal smile without the bullying.

Leaders in the field of dental medicine created the Invisalign to remedy the (supposedly) unpleasant look of traditional braces. Now, people of all ages can have straight, even teeth without wearing unattractive conventional teeth aligners. Let us discuss more the benefits of Invisalign.

Convenience and Comfort

Unlike their counterparts, Invisalign is practically invisible. Any dentist will tell you that the Invisalign creators made this from medical-grade polyurethane resin. Thus, they blend in with our teeth.

Other than being virtually invisible, it is removable. You can floss and brush your teeth like you used to. Thus, you can maintain your high-level oral hygiene.

One of the problems of wearing traditional teeth aligners is continuously checking if food particles got stuck to the wires and brackets. You will not have the same problem with Invisalign because it has smooth edges. Thus, food particles will not stick to it.

Confidence to Wear It

We mentioned earlier that some of us underwent horrible taunting during our grade school or teenage years because of our teeth aligners. But those who wear Invisalign will not have the same problem. They can confidently wear it in public.

If you are a parent, you surely want to give your child the best of what you can provide. You can ask your dentist to fit him with Invisalign instead of the traditional braces. Doing this will prevent any bullying associated with the wearing of conventional teeth aligners.

Painless Fitting

Invisalign uses digital scanning. This technology makes it possible for an easy fitting, especially for those with a strong gag reaction. This scientific breakthrough is also heaven-sent for those who are claustrophobic because the dentist will take your scan in an open environment. Your Invisalign-fitting appointment will be a pleasant experience.


Most teenagers nowadays choose Invisalign over traditional braces. It is far more comfortable than its metal counterpart. No one can highlight enough the fact that it is practically invisible. Thus, Invisalign users are less likely to be bullied because they are wearing teeth aligners.

More importantly, Invisalign wearers are more confident because they have straight, even teeth. They will not suffer dental issues such as dental bites, overcrowded teeth, gapped teeth, and the likes. Thus, they have better oral health. They can enjoy all of these without having to wear unsightly traditional braces.

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