It can be tricky for parents to figure out if their children need braces. For younger children, you may think that it’s still too early and that they are still settling into the shape of their faces. For adolescents, you may think it’s too late to make any major corrective changes.

However, a good dentist should be able to properly give your child the right treatment, be it braces or retainers, that will be good for their dental condition. If you’re not sure whether or not your child needs braces, these factors may help narrow down your choice.

Your Child Has a Misaligned Bite

When an individual has a misaligned bite, it can cause pain in the gums and teeth whenever they eat or speak. The misalignment also causes abnormal stress on the mouth, making it a hazard for jaw and teeth issues.

The problem with misaligned bites is that they gradually worsen over time, which is why it’s crucial to fix them as soon as possible. When left to progress, a misaligned bite can cause issues that become much harder to reverse.

Your Child Has Difficulty Speaking

Speech impediments can be caused by a number of factors, but some of the causes of certain issues can be addressed by braces. The factors include bad jaw and tooth alignment and significant gaps. When these problems are addressed, the mouth can produce speech and correct sounds with more ease.

Of course, your child may need to practice and adjust to the presence of braces. However, it will definitely give them a better way to improve their speech and comfort as it targets the root causes of their difficulties.

Your Child Has Overlapping Teeth

Not only does this cause children discomfort as they grow up, but it also increases their risk of developing cavities and gum disease. It can also weaken certain teeth to the point where they are much easier to chip or damage.

When teeth overlap, they also build up more bacteria in the areas that can’t easily be brushed. It’s best to address this problem with braces before other dental concerns crop up.

You Want to Prevent Further Complications

Leaving their teeth as they are can also lead to the development of issues like breathing through the mouth, having poor oral hygiene, and more. Whether your child has significant oral problems or simply has minor issues, braces can still be a helpful investment in their health to lessen the dental problems they may face in adulthood.

Correcting their teeth early can even improve their social development as it gives them a boost of confidence to have the best smile they can have.


While this guide should serve you well for your initial decision, it’s best to consult a dental professional so they can give a full assessment. Even if you’re not sure about the level of necessity, it’s better to be timely about things that will affect the quality of your child’s life as they grow up. If you take the proper measures, you should be able to correct any problems.

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