It would be embarrassing to walk and talk with a ruined smile, which is why people are always eager to practice good dental practices as much as they can. However, there are times when things may be out of our control, or we were not able to set our dental priorities straight. This can cause us to go through physical pain and financial burden in the process.

While some issues with our teeth may be handled by simple brushing and flossing, others are too crucial for us to handle alone, much so that it is already considered a major dental emergency. Holiday sweets and sugary drinks aside, you are better off handling it early on instead of waiting for it to get worse; otherwise, you may need to spend several painful and expensive sessions with your dentists.

If you do not want to experience excruciating dental procedures, you need to know what medical conditions call for a dental emergency. Take note of all the following examples and consult your dentist at the first sign of trouble.

1. Severe, Unpassable Toothache

One of the things that constitute a dental emergency is a major toothache. Now, not all toothaches are considered a dental emergency, as most of the time, they would subside with the proper amount of care and medical prescriptions. It is only treated as crucial if the pain does not go away despite all the pain killers and other medications that your dentist has prescribed.

Once that happens, do not hesitate to approach your dentist immediately and have your tooth checked just in case there is an infection triggering the pain.

2. Risky Accident That Knocks a Tooth Out

Thankfully, some accidents are mild enough for us to stand up with ease. However, not all accidents can be walked away from, especially those that cause major types of injuries. Dental injuries can have severe implications to your oral health, so you may need to approach a specialist in order to heal your wounds.

If you get your tooth knocked out due to the accident, you may need to approach your dentist immediately, as your exposed internal nerves may be prone to infection. Instead of waiting for it to get worse, you must do everything in your power to protect your gums.

3. Strange Swelling around a New Wisdom Tooth

The growth of a new wisdom tooth is something that can’t be helped. We have no control as to where it will grow next; we just have to deal with it immediately if it causes pain and discomfort in our jaw. Trying to eat with a compromised wisdom tooth is hard enough, but having your other teeth affected by it is a lot worse than expected.

Luckily, dentists are more than skilled when it comes to wisdom tooth removal. You just have to approach one and tell them about your condition.


Dental emergencies may not be as common with other medical conditions, but it is still considered dangerous and painful by all accounts. If you are not familiar with them, be sure to take note of the unpassable pain, an injury exposing the nerve, and the strange swelling around your wisdom tooth.

Trust us; it is better to have your condition checked as early as possible; otherwise, you may have to deal with more pain, more expenses, and more unenjoyable meals.

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